Corporal John Stubbings King’s Dragoon Guards

From Gareth Glover’s Waterloo Archive 3

I take the first opportunity that lays in my power of informing you that I ham in good health after the sharp engagement Which took place on 18th June and dear father it is a wonder that I escaped without receiving any injury for whee [sic] was very much exposed to danger on both the 17th and 18th and a most dreadful battle indeed and ham sorry to say our regiment suffered severely, killed and wounded, but thanks be to God who spared my life I came out of the field unhurt and I was in the hottest part of it and I gained great praise for my good and coregous beaver [sic] in the field and in consequence of wich I ham maid [sic] sergeant. It is dreadful to relate the seens [sic] I saw on the 18th. The field for miles around was covered with the wounded and slain and in some places my horse could not pass without trampling on them and I am sorry to inform you that Charles Stanley fell on that ever memorable day the 18th fiting [sic] manfully in the defence of his country.

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